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Here are some pictures of my bike that jazzed up with some EL wire. I used the extra thick 5mm to give it some extra protection against the elements. The body and back wheel are lined with the red color wire and the front wheel and fork are the white, which really turns out as more of a blue color.

The body and front fork are hooked up to the same power supply located underneath the seat. I found some fairly lightweight power supplies that I am using for each wheel; they run off of two AAA batteries and are in a water-resistant housing.

To attach it to the frame I simply used thin plastic cable ties. The white translucent ones do a nice job of mounting the wire without blocking out the light. Around the tires I did the same thing; using cable ties I attached them around every other spoke. I used two ties on each spoke, one around the spoke an one around the wire to keep it running perpendicular to the spokes.

Overall it was a pretty simple project. As with any EL wire project the only difficult part is soldering the wire, but that really just takes a little bit of practice.

Also, it blinks, which is kinda cool.

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    Nice, reminds me of the Encom helicopter in tron, (origional) at the beginning of the movie.