Laziness Survival Kit

Introduction: Laziness Survival Kit

I'm not putting an introduction because that takes work and I'm really lazy. Oops...... Well then, here are the 5 best lazy life hacks.

Step 1: Never Do the Dishes Again!!!

1. Take out a plate or bowl & saran wrap
2. Rip off a piece of the wrap that will cover the surface of your plate or bowl. Lay the wrap over the surface
3. Put your food onto the saran wrap-covered plate
4. Once you are finished eating, take off the saran wrap, to reveal your nice and clean plate, and throw it away. If you have unfinished food that you are not going to save, wrap the food in the saran wrap
5. Now you can put back your clean plate as if you had never even used it!

Step 2: Earphones Hidden in Jacket

1. Put on your jacket and zip it up
2. Place your music device in your pocket earphones facing up
3. Run the earphones up your jacket to your neck
4. Pull the earphones tight and clip the center to your shirt collar
5. Run the earphones down your non dominant hand sleeve
6. Palm the speaker and place it in your ear
7. Enjoy!
8. When your boss/teacher walks by, extend your arm to hide the earphones up your sleeve

Step 3: Easy Erase Mechanical Pencil

1. Find both a #2 pencil and a mechanical pencil
2. Snap the #2 pencil in half
3. Take the half with the eraser and tape/hot glue it about a centimeter from the tip of the mechanical pencil
4. Enjoy!
5. When you need to erase, just angle the pencil out and use the side of the eraser

Step 4: Jacket Neck Pillow

1. Find a jacket or sweatshirt (if using jacket zip front)
2. Lay it on a flat surface front up
3. Fold sleeves in and down
4. Fold sleeve section inwards to neckline
5. Tightly roll from the bottom up. Stop at neckline/beginning of hood
6. Pull hood completely around rolled section
7. Relax!

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