Lazy Day Beauty Hacks

Introduction: Lazy Day Beauty Hacks

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Heres some hacks that could give you a few more lazy days when it comes to your makeup.

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Step 1:

First tip is that all you could need to do to your face is fill in your brows. This just gives the impression that you put allot of effort into your look as your brows look perfect.

Step 2:

Using your card when doing your mascara can stop any mascara from getting onto the lids of your eyes and means that you dont need to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

Step 3:

Then using your card you can also get the perfect cat eye. When you place this on the outer part of your eye and blend your shadow into the crease this helps create a perfect line and once again you dont need to tidy up any mistakes.

Step 4:

Using a white pencil in the waterline will help open up your eyes and make your eyes look away and fresh.

Step 5:

The quickest and easiest way of getting a perfect contour is basically drawing a 3 with cream contour and then blending this out.

Step 6:

To then set all your makeup just go in with a lash brush and your setting powder and just apply this all over your face. Saves so much time and means your full face is set.

Step 7:

Then using your lipstick you can dot this onto your cheeks creates the perfect shade and means you dont need to worry about matching your cheeks to your makeup.

Step 8:

To get fuller lisp the easiest way you just simply apply your concealer to the centre on your lips and then apply your lipstick onto and this creates the perfect ombre lip.

Step 9:

Finally I've found a simple way of applying your lashes is apply the glue to your eyes rather than you lashes and then just pop the lashes onto the glue. Means you dont need to get glue everywhere as its already in the place your lashes need to be.

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