Lazy Girl's Cup Soup



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Mom asleep ? Too lazy to cook? have spare meat close to expiry? well here is the answer
I was really hungry so i came up with this recipe and this is what i did it's pretty easy even my sister could do it

Step 1: Ingredients

Cooked beef and hot water
Salt or spices (i don't care)
One spoon
You can use a bowl for all i care :p
Warning:don't use so much spice or salt
This will make it taste like the dead sea or something else
Add cooked vegetables if you like
Remember this is cup soup don't go adding cubes of uncooked meat

Step 2: Easy Peasy Livin' Greasy

Put in the beef add just enough salt
Add in hotwater into cup and wait until
A layer of fat surfaces they appear like flat bubbles in the light
Stir and add rice if you want or noodles
Whatever pleases your soul



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    4 years ago

    Thank you it's my first instructabe