Lazy Mans Chair and Carry All.


Introduction: Lazy Mans Chair and Carry All.

How I use a wheelbarrow to make my life easier and less stressful.

Step 1: Lazy Man's Gear and Seat

This is one of my favorite life hacks. A wheelbarrow on almost any occasion when you are going someplace and are going to be waiting for awhile is a great way to carry both your equipment and one of the most comfortable chairs I own. All you need to do is pack your equipment, whether it be hunting gear, fishing, gear, or even beach or camping. Drop it in your wheelbarrow and wheel it where you are going. After you have arrived, take your stuff out and put the handles on the ground and have a seat. The wheelbarrow cradles you better than a recliner and is easier to move then even a bag chair. Once you are like this, you can also kick back onto the wheel and use the handles as feet rests. Although it is not a very dignified position, I've read dozens of books like this. Also, if the sun is a problem, when you set down, just make sure your back is to the sun. The metal wheelbarrow bottom is SPF 1 million.

Step 2:



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