Lazy Man's Kodak Camera Mini Taser (400+ Volts)


Introduction: Lazy Man's Kodak Camera Mini Taser (400+ Volts)

About: AKA Roborovski, and Cowscankill for several years. I'm a mechanical engineering undergrad.

This is a follow up for my other taser video. This one shows how I made it.
Ignore my friend, he's ridiculous.



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    lol Ive tasered myself with this 8 times already!! fun fun fun... waiting for a victim...MWAHAHAH cowsCANkill!!! BTW. do you paint those nails? ROFL

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    i did this a while back and right now we have a "varmint" in our garage. I took 2 large pieces of aluminium foil and put them on the floor, hooked em up to the tazer, baited it and just waiting for the little pipsqueak to come out. lol

    I'm mad because every disposable circuit I open up has a different configuration to where i can't just snip off the corner and still have it work correctly. For the record though, you shouldn't connect a 330v rated cap to a 400v supply. Ratings are there for a reason.

    Beastly! You should make a follow up 'ible to show us how to put all of the circuitry into the tic-tac container! 5*!

    oh ya and cut ur fingernails lol

    Um guys i am made my tazer based off of this video lol and should be putting up picks soon but i may have a question it safe to use 8 AA batteries and tow cameras :_l cause i think i may have used a bit of over kill and amped it to 20000 instead of the 500 with two batteries um is that if so facto safe ??

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    Safe? Probably. Keep away from heart.... Amps are dangerous. Voltage is not. There are 1 million voltage tazers out there with less than .3 amps. But using 8 batteries? That's too much. 2 batteries can fry the circuit, possibly. Using 8 for two cameras is the same as 4 for 1 camera. Way too many batteries.