Lazy Nutella Mocha

If the thought of drinking instant coffee makes you cringe, then feel free to stop reading right now, that is, unless your love for Nutella outweighs the heebie-jeebies you get when you see a jar of Folger's. 
By the way, when I say lazy, I mean really, really lazy. You don't even really need a recipe for this, so I guess I'm just posting it to plant this idea in your head because I think it's truly tasty.

You will need:
-Instant coffee crystals
-Nutella or other Hazelnut spread
-Boiling water
-Sugar (optional)
-Creamer (optional)

Follow the directions on the instant coffee jar. For each cup the size of the one pictured (my favorite mug), stir in about a tablespoon of Nutella, but don't quote me on that amount. It's all a matter of taste. Add sugar and creamer if you're a fan of sugar and/or creamer.

Of course you could go out and buy a can of just add water hazelnut coffee mix, but you will look a lot cooler if you do this. Enjoy!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    O ya, lazy and quick coffee is my way to get goin for a crazy day this is a similar drink that's much less trashy/lazy than mine. this person even brews their own coffee *gasp!*

    more or less, yeah. you can definitely see it floating on the top and it can leave nutella stripes in your cup, but as long as the coffee is hot and you stir it well you can get it pretty well-incorporated.