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Introduction: Lazy Pc Power Button

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Nowadays having a smart TV in your living room it's a much have but they have some limitations in comparison with having a PC connected to the TV like a media center.

It's nice to set down in the couch and turn on the TV via IR remote, AV sound system via IR remote but you don't have a IR remote for the media center forcing you to get up to turn the power on.

Using some electronic parts we can use the keys of the TV remote that doesn't have any function and use them to turn on and off the media center making everything a little more simple.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Watch the video and see how the project works.

Step 2: Gather the Material

You will need for this project:

- PCB board

- Project box ( I'm using one out off a hands free car headset )

- Display protector ( I´m using one out off a old VCR display that i will use to cover the holes of the project box )

- IR sensor ( I´m using one out off a old CRT TV )

- Male and female connectors

- 12V power supply


- 10K resistor

- 1K resistor

- 2x100uF

- 2x22pF Capacitors

- 16Mhz cristal

- 7805

- 4N25

- 1N4148

- BC548

- 12V relay

Step 3: Get Started

Using the arduino prototype board we will connect the IR sensor output to digital pin 11, negative to ground and Vcc to positive 5V.

Run the Arduino IDE and open the IR Sniffer sketch, Upload and open the serial monitor.

On the IR remote choose a key that you want to use to turn on an off the media center and press in front of the IR sensor.

A code will appear on the serial monitor, this is the code of the IR remote key, copy this to the Lazy Pc Power Button sketch and upload.

Step 4: PCB

Using the schematic i made the PCB, a simple bare bone Arduino, i took out the shield of the IR sensor and place on top of the PCB.

Because the project box that i´m using have a lot of hole used by the original PCB inside, i use a display protector out off a old VCR to cover this.

We will use digital pin 9 as the output to trigger the media center to turn on and off.

Step 5: PC

On the PC just open the cover and locate the power button and solder a connector to this, the other will be on the lazy pc power button output.

Step 6: Possible Debugging

If you upload and it appears a error like " TKD2 was not declared in this scope " see this video to fix it.

Step 7: Final Thoughts

This simple project is a nice upgrade to your home setup media center using the TV IR remote to trigger on and off like any other device.

Tell me on the comments below what applications you will use this for.
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Thanks for reading

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