Lazy Sunday Afternoon


Introduction: Lazy Sunday Afternoon

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This is an instructable on laziness for the LAZY LIFE CHALLENGE.
I'll start by writing a really short instructable.

Step 1: You Only Need Very Little

a little time
a wee bit of sunshine (optional)
a wicker beach chair (optional, could just as well be a hammock, a picnic blanket, a rocking chair...)
something nice to drink (ginger tea in my case)
a cozy cushion
a comfy blanket
a good read (a reread is even better) :D

Step 2: Drift Away



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    4 Discussions

    works just as well! :D

    This was very informative, i do the same only INSIDE :)

    That chair looks really interesting. Is that something you made or something you bought?

    1 reply

    I bought it in a really bad shape and renovated it. I took it apart and replaced some of the woodparts and then tore off the lining and completely redid that. Took me forever to find the fabric. But was woth the effort. Am still really proud.