Lazy Susan Motorized Robot Style



Introduction: Lazy Susan Motorized Robot Style

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

some things need looking at from multiple angles, with some basic bits and bobs you too can create one of these video of Susan motorizing

i heard some noise in the forum a while ago regarding lazy susans so i made one.

heres a video of a heavy object being susand

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Step 1: Stuff and Things to Combine Said Stuff

some sort of flat board that can be cut into a round shape, i used scrap ply and mdf

3 small wheels to support the edges,i used ones from meccano,ones from lego or a toy car would work.

a motor, motors are in lots of things, for this project something small and slow,i used one from a mathmos projector complete with power supply and switch, the best value ones iv found on ebay go 60 rpm on 3 or 4 volts for about £2.50, check out my video on getting the motor out a hoover.

some screws and glue, paint decoration kind of ting


compass for drawing circle

jigsaw for cutting circle, or any saw if you want a hexagon

drill screwdriver

video of removing the motor from a hoover

Step 2: Draw Round Shapes

the mdf is scrap from y screen printing instructable,

the undernieth circle needs to be smaller than te top one, to allow space for your support wheels, i also added 3 flat sides to it and drew a line toward the center, the line acts as a guide for the support wheel axles, and the flatness reduces the amount of wobble in the wheels.

as you could possibly tell from my markingsi was unsure exactly what sort of round shape the top circle would be,

Step 3: It Was Late

so drilling and noisy things would have been antisocial, so i started decorating the top disk, i made a wonkey roulette type design.

Step 4: Preparing the Middle Bit

where the compass point went i made a small hole, where that hole came out the other side i made a bigger hole the same size as the motor spindle, but did not go all the way through, i wanted fairly minimal disturbance to the design.

Step 5: More Spray Paint

i flipsed the top design side down and painted the edge hoping that it would not bleed under too much.

Step 6: Mounting the Motor to the Base

Step 7: Adding the Support Wheels

their size and mounting hight greatly depend on your motors spindle hight,

and yes i know my hands look like something from a horror movie in that photo.

Step 8: Motor Spindle Final Fix

Step 9: Wax N Rags

to bring out the texture of the print

Step 10: Making Use of Offcuts

Step 11: Funny Spider Legs

Step 12: The Glue Is Still Wet

but i painted it anyway

Step 13: 3 Days Later

the glue is dry, but i still think te leg design is asking too much of the glue and materials, i found a speafer cover was just the right size to act as a cantilever support.

Step 14: Adjusting the Feet Hight

by standing it on sandpaper and sliding it about till the longest legs are the same hight as the rest.

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