Lazy Susan Turntable - Cheapo & Super Easy to Make .

Intro: Lazy Susan Turntable - Cheapo & Super Easy to Make .

Do you need a turntable for your panoramic photography , your showcase , or just for your kitchen corner cabinet or for your workshop ?

You can make one yourself using few tools and spending almost nothing ;-) .

You do not need ball bearings , marbles , or expensive hardware.

It takes about an hour to be finished.

Step 1: Materials and Tools.

  1. You'll need some scrap wood.
  2. A drill and some drill bits .
  3. Double sticky tape.
  4. Some bolts and nuts (cap nuts) .
  5. Old CDs you don't use any more.

Step 2: Cutting Boards.

Cut your scrape wood boards to a circular shape ( you can leave them square if you want).

Use any tools you have in your workshop . A jigsaw, a scroll saw, or a band saw as I did.

Step 3: Assembling.

Now make the center holes on both boards to fit the cap nuts diameter ( counter sink to accommodate for the cap nuts flush with the table using a Forstner bit).

Apply the double sticky tape on each board ( make sure not to seal the holes for the nuts). And stick a CD on the center of each board ( eyeball it , you do not need to be perfect here).

To finish your project, you need to secure and tighten the cap nuts trough the center holes of the boards . It is important for your lazy susan to rotate freely, that the height of the tighten cap nuts/bolts be barely equal to the "sandwiched" turntable. Have a look at the schematic picture.

You have done.




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