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The initial design concept for this was a piece of paper that curved into a seat.

The seat has a mild steel sub-frame and is clad with wood. All screws are screwed from underneath the seat, so that there are no visible screws. The seat bolts to a steel base that is concreted into the ground, which allows the seat to hang over the water feature.



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    nope - it has a steel sub-frame which is covered in wood. you could build it out of cardboard but it would not be very robust.

    Thanks for your kind comment.

    The pond provides a great atmosphere with the moving water and the design works equally well for a rock swimming pool or hot tub.


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    thanks again now i guess i we have to get to work this side!!! :)


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    Thanks, it's also very comfy to use!

    I'll scratch around for some photos to post... basically, there is a steel base that I concreted into the ground. This was a necessity because it overhangs a water feature and it needed to be sturdy!

    I welded up a steel frame which I curved where needed (eg.the backrest) and this was bolted to the steel base. The wooden boards were screwed on from behind before mounting the seating on the base - I didn't want to see screws on the finished product!