Lcd Photo Frame or DPF (yet Another!)




Nothing new here, just a different approach to an old trick.
Hoping to give it a better use to a lazy pressario 305 laptop.

Step 1: The Machine and the Frame

I inherited an ancient Compaq pressario 305 laptop, 64M Ram and 8G hard drive, running Xp.
I try different ideas in how to transform the machine into a DPF. In my first intent I messed up the inverter trying to extend the video and the power cables, so I went and replaced it with a used one from eBay, (no that bad $23.00).
With that bitter beginning I decided no to touch the laptop (meaning dissembled the electronics) and leave the machine intact. I try with a big custom made frame out of wood, not so good idea btw. It was too big. Later on I try with different photo frames, but it was to complicated and I wanted something more simple.

(the two openings at the bottom were made to put a couple prints, no so good idea either.)

As usual in my projects all the material are reused.

Step 2: Buidl the Frame

I went ahead and build the frame, very simple and straight forward as shown in the pictures. After my first attempt I cut the frame in half to fit the dimensions of the laptop. I used some pieces of cedar for the frame and Mdf of 1/8" for front.
I also painted the front with black matte paint.

Step 3: Reconfiguration

I was mentioning that the original idea didn't went well, so I cut the original frame to fit a better configuration. Basically a custom made frame for the size of the lcd screen.

I disassemble the laptop, without getting into the electronics and with a little of intervention I was able to disconnect the hinges of the lcd screen and place it back to back with the rest of the laptop (back of the lcd screen against the keyboard/controllers) and reconnect the video and power cable, luckily for me the pressario 305 has a dock that comes off (where the floppy and cd-drive goes) I took it out and the thickness of the laptop back to back was reduced.

Step 4: Final Product

Looks much better doesn't?. The Laptop is a Presario 305, 64mb ram, 8Gb of memory and Win Xp pro, I can load pictures over the network (wi-fi), or via Usb, and placed them in the screensaver or use irfanwiew or windows slide show to view the pics, or I can go online and use flicker too in slideshow mode. The machine is very slow and takes a while to start and/ or connect to the network, but once is running works great.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    great idea, it looks really nice and big fan of new life for old technology


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I've got a busted up "lap top" that'd be perfect for this project. It already folds in half the way I'd need it! Thank you. Very minimalist. Very sleek.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    ...Covered in spelling and grammar errors... Read the WHOLE this over, correct all the errors, and then tell me... Thanks :-) -gamer

    2 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    thanks Gamer and LinuxH4xor, I did this long time ago and very quickly, I hope it's better now, (bear with me, English is not first language.) Cheers


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for correcting :-) Very nice Instructable, actually. Made through the process of trial and error. Thanks for posting... -gamer


    As an addition buy a cheap bluetooth adapter dongle, use your phone to control the slideshow...


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Not bad, but it has lots of mistakes. I'd like to try this with an older mac laptop or mac mini considering it has a remote and a better system for viewing.