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Introduction: Lead-Fish Lures

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Introduction- This project uses Battery power to lure those crafty Fish to the bait easily.

"There is nothing that attracts human nature more powerfully than the sport of tempting the unknown with a fishing line " re. Henry Van Dyke. That says it all.Fish are attracted to flashing beams of light that they assume is another silvery sided fish. We will use available on the market flashing LED lights to create novel light lures.

Step 1: Lead-Fish Lures

Preview- There are on the market LED lit devices that are used for fishing.Some are used for the Bobbler and others are made of plastic that do not use lights. Colorful reflecting flexible fish are used in that case.

We have decided we can use readily available LED lit devices as flashlights, candles, kids toys, bracelets, etc.

This project then modifies them to be used in water as well in sealed clear cases.

Step 2: Tools/Materials

Tools are shown and some can be modifies as -hack-saw or what ever you have to cut through a plastic tube..

Bobbin attachments that can be connected to a barrrel,swivel with safety snap using steel wire or paper clips formed with a pier.

Drill bit for dremel tool can be 1/16 inch.


Glue- water proof type . Can be E6000 or what ever you use as RTV silicones.

Sports stores sell swivels, nylon 10 lb line ., fish lures to be attached to the lights.

Silicone oil or reel oil.Used to prevent rust.[optional].

Coin-cells -selections are variable as coin-cell types.etc.Found in any dollar store or Radio Shack or Jameco, etc. stores.

Plast bottles are available in craft stores with a plastic seal. Medicine bottles are also used.

LED devises - found in any store selling kids toys as dollar stores, Walmart, etc.Low cost items shown are bracelets, finger lights, flashlights, flashing wands.

Step 3: Construction-


The device to be used is modified as follows-

A line of nylon is attached using standard drill in one end. Attach a swivel. The switch is built in the device,

For non- hermetic sealed units use as is. Water will not hurt the parts or electrical cells.Drill a hole and a bit of nylon and a safety snap. attach some hooks using the safety swivel and snaps.

If you want to seal from water. use a clear vial or tube. Attach a wire around the tube using pliers and glue all around.

Cells will work wet for at least 24 hours. The part can be rust proofed using a drop of reel oil . Also,

after fishing let the parts dry out and turn of the switches in the devices.

The pictures show how to connect to flashing bracelets.

One picture shows wet parts under water. and flashing for 18 hours until a cell change is needed.

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