Lead Free Solder Ring





Introduction: Lead Free Solder Ring

Make this cool ring using house hold lead free solder

Step 1: Materials

You will need lead free solder, a zip tie, and a piece of pipe close to the diameter of your finger.

Step 2: Measure Your Finger

Wrap the zip around your finger and mark where one end meets the zip tie.

Step 3: Find the Right Size Pipe

Using the marked zip tie, find a piece of scrap pipe close to the diameter of your finger.

Step 4: Bend the Solder

Clamp the solder in a vice near its end against the pipe. Wrap the solder around the pipe.  You may need to re-position everything several times in the vice to get a full wrap around the pipe.  Once you've completed a revolution, remove from the vice and continue wrapping the solder around the pipe by hand.

Step 5: Cut and Sand

Once you've made the number of revolutions you want, cut the solder and sand the ends to remove any sharp edges.

Step 6: Final Adjustment

Some adjustments may be needed if your pipe wasn't an exact match of your finger.  Carefully bend the ring to tighten or loosen as needed.



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    8 Discussions

    How can I keep the ring from getting damaged? And for the other comments, if you don't like this instructable then you don't have to do it. I think its an awesome idea ? thanks for making this instructable ?

    I dont want to bust your bubble but just because its lead free dont make the solder safe to have in constant contact with your skin.

    Lead free solder has a high tin content but still has some other nasty things in like Bismuth and Antimony which are both toxic.

    Bismuth it is toxic in the same manner as lead poisoning, Antimony is toxic in the same way as Arsenic poisoning.

    Try and get some cuttings of heavy industrial copper wire and make you rings out of that, it may give you a green stain on your ginger but it will be beneficial to your system as copper is said to be good for the joints

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    Hate to burst your bubble, Dr Qui, but BIsmuth has an unusually low toxicity for a heavy metal. It is the Zinc which would be the problem in addition to the Antimony.

    The only thing I would add in addition to this instructable would be to coat it in a layer of Epoxy resin or Varnish to stop the leeching of Heavy metals. But also if you're only going to wear it for a few hours at a time each day, it wont be a problem.

    No mater how low the levels of toxicity the fact remains that it is still toxic and should not be worn against the skin.

    That is like saying that copper shouldn't be worn as jewellery because it leaches toxins into your skin. Bismuth is fine against your skin. And on another point, Most solders only have a Bismuth % of less that 5%

    The small amounts of copper that leach into the skin are beneficial to the body, copper jewelry is available as an aid to pain relief for those with joint problems. The Human body needs small levels of copper but excessive levels of copper will become toxic.

    Because solder is much softer than copper it leaches much more of the metals into the skin, and both Bismuth and Antimony are not beneficial to the body.

    you know that the solder can be melted and cast into whatever shape ring you like, right?