Lead Light (Not a LED)




Introduction: Lead Light (Not a LED)

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This Instructable is about how to make a lead light that can also be used as an ignition system.

Disclaimer: this is a dangerous project.
1.This is very HOT up to 300 degrees minimum so be careful.
If you get hurt during this project it is not my fault.

Step 1: Materials

Battery (at least half an amp other wise it wont work)
Refills for refillable pencil also known as carbon graphite

Step 2: Put It Together

Step 1: Make sure your switch is turned off.
Step 2: Put the refill lead between the positive and negative wire and secure it inplace.
Step 3: Keep your hands away from the lead and turn the switch on.
Step 4: there should be smoke for a second (don't breath this in!) and then the lead should turn red.

Each refill should last at least 1 min.

Thanks and goodbye



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    can anyone give me a link of where I can buy the switch and adapter cable!!

    You might get the carbon to last longer if you enclosed it in a jar with an inert atmosphere. Helium would probably be best, but nitrogen or even carbon dioxide would probably work. The temperature rise would expand the gas, so you would need a one-way valve to relieve the overpressure. Something as simple as a loose rubber stopper would be enough.

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    It would be far more fun to put one of these graphite rods and 2 wires into a very small bottle of compressed butane, with a remote switch of course... It would have the same effect, the temperature would expand the gas, but no valves needed, the container itself would release the pressure Somehow though I don't think the graphite would burn for so long.

    I just tried it it except without the valve and all the gases started coming out of the lid.

    Main issue would be when the Graphite cools down again... the jar would break from the vacuum.?....

    this is very cool execpt, for the fact that the lead burns away, i wonder how this would look in a complete vacume.

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    it would look like this.... First Few Seconds ______________________________ | _________Light___________ | |______________________________| After First Few seconds: Blindness: due to the explosion of rapid heat expansion and CO2 produced by burning Graphite, resulting in plastic/glass shrapnel to blind you.

    actully it cant burn in a vacume so I'm pretty sure it would not explode.:)

    Materials: anywhere (Radio Shack, Home Depot etc.) i got the batt. from a broken rc, but u can get those from radio shack. it might be a bit expensive though.