Leaf Blower Rolling Cart Makes Yardwork Faster and Easier

Dragging a heavy electric leaf blower around the yard for an hour inspired this ten-minute build. I bungeed the leaf blower to an old luggage carrier, zip-tied the folding handle securely, and now I can roll it around instead.


Leaf Blower

Luggage Carrier

Bungee Cords

Zip Ties

Step 1: Extension Cord Winder Added

I zip-tied a cord winder up high on the handle to make winding and unwinding easier. Using this rolling rig is a pleasure now compared to lugging around the heavy blower. It is surprisingly nimble to maneuver with one hand on the handle and the other holding the cord. I use this to blow out the garage floor now instead of sweeping with a broom.

Step 2:



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