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Introduction: League of Legends Guide to Diana

Hello and welcome to my league of legends guide to the champion Diana. In this tutorial i will be covering Diana's skills as well as the build that i use for her. I hope you enjoy.

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Step 1: Guide to Diana

Diana is an AP based assassin. Unlike most others aside from LeBlanc she is

manna based, which will hinder you early game. Unlike many assassins she usually is naturally relatively tough, due to her shield and her base health, making her a great disrupter as she can dash into an entire team during a fight, deal AOI damage and surviving. She scales very well into late game, and if built correctly she can be an unstoppable force. Dianna is weak until she reaches level 6 so just concentrate on farming and staying alive until then. Once you reach level 6 you will be able to inflict major damage to your laneing opponent. If playing against her it is a good idea to get magic resist, as she heavily uses ability power.

Step 2: Diana's Abilities, Passive

Passive: Moon Silver Blade

Dianna’s passive grants every third basic attack an ability power based AOI attack. This is very helpful in clearing waves of minions and at farming early game. If timed correctly it is possible to add this into your combination once you reach level 6. This will add damage and potentially enable you to burst them down to 0 health from full health.

Step 3: Crescent Strike

Crescent strike (Q):

Crescent strike is a skill shot. Unlike others it has a curved trajectory. If an enemy is hit it applies a moonlight debuff. This grants vision of the target as well as buffing Diana’s ultimate, but I will get to that later. This is Diana’s key harass tool during the laneing phase. It is also her main damage tool. It has a medium long range. Due to its trajectory it is harder to dodge than other skill shots so this makes harassing the enemies easier, as it hits all units in its path. Due to this you should max it first

Step 4: Pale Cascade

Pale Cascade (W):

Pale Cascade grants the user a temporary shield. While this is active it Diana obtains 3 orbs that will detonate when they come in contact with an enemy unit. If all 3 detonate, this shield will refresh. This skill is key to Diana’s survivability and contributes to her bruiser build. Due to its high damage output and sustain I suggest maxing it 2nd.

Step 5: Moon Fall

Moon Fall (E):

Moon fall pulls all enemies in an area towards Diana, slowing them and temporarily knocking them up. It is very good at disrupting enemy Casters and the enemy team in teem fights. Due to the fact that it is a utility spell I suggest putting a point into it early but only maxing it by level 18.

Step 6: Lunar Rush

Lunar Rush (R)

Lunar Rush is Diana’s ultimate. It enables you to dash to a target, dealing damage to it. If that target is affected by moonlight the cool down on her ultimate is refreshed. This is the key to Diana’s engaging potential. Because of the high mobility damage and engage potential of this skill I would suggest Leveling it when ever possible, at levels 6,11 and 16.

Step 7: Building Diana: Doran's Ring

While building Dianna I like to concentrate on a mix of

durability, magic penetration and flat ability power. Depending on your laneing partner you may want to start off with different items but generally I suggest you starting off with a Doran’s Ring due to the manage regeneration, damage and health that it provides.

Step 8: Abyssal Scepter

Due to the fact that you will usually be in the midlane I

suggest starting off with an abyssal scepter. This will provide some magic resist, as well as magic penetration and ability power, which are all useful on Diana.

Step 9: Sorcerers Shoes

Of course this goes without saying but you should buy boots

as soon as possible. It may depend on their team composition but I would suggest that you buy sorcerers shoes for the added magic penetration and mobility.

Step 10: Rabadon's Deathcap

Follow that with a Rabadon’s Deathcap for the large amount

of ability power it provides.

Step 11: Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Following that you should buy a Rylais Crystal Scepter. This gives you both health as well as ability power. It also applies a slowing effect when hitting enemies with an ability, which helps you chasing down an opponent.

Step 12: Lich Bane

Consider buying a Lichbain for the added burst damage that you will be dealing out.

Step 13: Void Staff

After that it depends on your enemies team composition. If they are heavily building magic resistance

I would consider buying a Void staff for the magic penetration it provides.

Step 14: Zhonia's Hourglass

If they have an Attack Damage heavy team, consider buying a

Zhonias Hourglass for the armor it provides as well as its damage. Its passive helps you a lot when diving enemy teams as it makes you invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.

Step 15: Guardian's Angel

If you are doing well consider buying a guardians

angel so it is harder for the enemy team to focus you down in team fights.

Step 16: Summoner Spells: Flash

For Summoner Spells I always run flash

Step 17: Cleanse

My second Summoner Spell depends on my enemy. If they have heavy crowd control consider

taking cleanse to remove these

Step 18: Barrier

If you are going

more for survivability I would suggest taking barrier.

Step 19: Ignite

If you want to go kill heavy take ignite for the

high kill potential

Step 20: Runes

for runes, i run flat AP Quints, armor marks, Magic pen seals and magic resists glyphs.

Step 21: Thank You

Thank you for going through my Diana tutorial, i hope you enjoy playing her as much as i do.

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