Lean-to Chicken Coop - Build Slanted Roof Backyard Hen Coop



About: Landscaping my backyard since 2003.


I built a lean-to chicken coop next to ma shed.

It's a good idea for urban backyard building.

You only need to build three walls and a pitched roof on chicken coop.

It's a cheapest way to build an hen coop.


Step 1: Urban chicken coop idea - The Design

Step 2: How to build a chicken coop : Roofing materials

Step 3: Building backyard chicken coop : Slanted roof design

Step 4: Building chicken house - The nesting boxes

Read more : ►1: Slanted Roof Wooden Chicken Coop


Step 1: Hen House Framing and Door Idea

Covering roof frame with plywood or chipboard.

The roof frame built with 2" X 6" timbers.

chicken coop door framed from 2" X 2" wood boards.

Read more: ►2: Hen house framing and Door

Step 2: Chicken Nesting Box Design Idea

Installation of the chicken nest door (removable for clean up).

Use siding boards to make a panel with them. Brackets on top of the panel to attach it to the chicken run frame.

Now, the hens will maintain their privacy!

Read more: ►3: Hen Coop Nest Box Building Idea

French instructions: Voir les instructions en français.



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