Lean-to Book Shelf





Introduction: Lean-to Book Shelf

This book shelf was made by me - Dounia and my dad - Dennis .  It was pretty easy to make it  .

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you need is :
1. Gather materials
* Three 1 m peaces of wood and two 1,2 m of wood
* Six crews

Step 2: Gather Tools

2. Gather tools
*  Drill , drill bit
*  Clamps
*  Pencil
*  Tape measure

Step 3: Measure

3.  Measure three 1 m peaces of wood and two 1,2 m of wood

Step 4: Cut

4. Cut three 1 m peaces of wood and two 1,2 m of wood

Step 5: Clamp

5. Clamp three 1 m peaces of wood , then two 1,2 m of wood

Step 6: Measure

6. Measure 10 cm from the edge of three 1 m peaces of wood , then six holes from two 1,2 m of wood and make a mark

Step 7: Drill

7. Drill holes whre you made the marks

Step 8: Put

8. Put the screws in the holes to make the shelves

Step 9: Hang the Books

9. Hang the books on the shelves



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    4 Discussions

    That is a horrible way to store books; it will break the bindings and stress the pages, possibly ripping them or ruining the print on them!

    2 replies

    I could never stand a bookshelf that damages books that way.

    I think if the cross poles were thin sections of metal, it would suit alot better (like a bookmark). Even so, I think rough and ready paperbacks are the candidates here.

    It isn't very efficient on space. Which is great, if you only own nine or so books. But with the dimensions of this shelf being so similar to a traditional book /shelf/ you could store far more with a bit more wood.