Leander's Lion

Introduction: Leander's Lion

I crochet this lion for my friend's son's 3rd birthday. He is made of Lion Brand wool ease and fun fur yarns. I made up the pattern but was inspired by other amigurumi that I have seen on line.



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    11 Discussions

    A beautifull Lion and I've tried to get the pattern, but somehow is doesn't work. May be i do something wrong. I am not that handy with computers. But I've learned. :-)

    Very cute, so many of these little stuffed guys turn out looking wrong-congrats on an original and charming product!

    This is so cute. I want one for my daughter. She will love it beause she is Lion King fan.

    Thanks for the compliments! He actually took me quite a while to make, think I might go nuts trying to make enough to sell! More fun to give to friends who love him! :-)