Learn From Beebeecraft How to Make a Braided Cord Bracelet With Rhinestone Chain and Knots



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Summary: Learn to make braided cuff bracelet design at Beebeecraft! In this easy bracelet tutorial, you will be taught how to braid a bracelet with red nylon thread and rhinestone chain.

Braided string materials nylon thread is commonly seen in handmade jewelry. But in today’s diy projects, there make some differences. Besides the braided nylon thread, I add some whinestone chains to it. Can’t wait to see, right? Now follow me to DIY your own charming bracelet.

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Step 1: Supplies Needed for Making the Braided Chain Bracelet:

Red jewelry string beading nylon thread

Pandahall Elite rhinestone chain

Scissors Lighter

Step 2: Make the Starting Cord

1st, prepare 2 threads and one brass rhinestone chains, and tie a square knot with 2 threads on the sides;

2nd, add a rhinestone brass chain to the center of the axe, tie square knots one by one along with the beads;

3rd, make square knots of each rhinestone as the picture shows;

Step 3: Finish the Bracelet

1st, continue to make square knots until reaching the end;

2nd, make a knot at the end as the pictures shows;

3rd, make a sliding knot for the bracelet to connect both sides.

Step 4: Here Is the Final Look of This Braided Rhinestone Chain Bracelet:

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