Learn How Electricity Works (no Programming)



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In order to get acquainted with electricity we will look at how to connect some simple components. The 123D circuits app makes it easy to explore how to make simple circuits and experiment with electricity.

- LEDs are very simple to start out with. The consist of two wires, one ground and one power, and with emit light depending on the resistance of electricity.

In the first picture bellow there are two ways to use LEDs the left side uses a light resistor to dim the light depending on the amount of light is shun on the resistor.

the circuit on the right is a LED that will turn on when the pushbutton is pressed.

2. DC Motors
-A DC Motor is a motor that is similar to the motors found in RC Cars. This motor is turned when it is connected to a power and a ground.

in the second picture bellow there is a DC motor hooked up with a switch that turns the motor on when it is pushed to the right.

To see the run the simulation for the circuits feel free to go to the circuit on 123D Circuits 
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