Learn How to Give a Stress Relieving Foot Massage - Foot Reflexology Massage Techniques

Put the person into the proper position. Begin with having them lay in the supine position, on their back with face up. Over the course of the massage they will rotate onto their stomach to allow for different movements of the feet and ankles to take place.

Cover the resting area of the foot with a towel. This will help to prevent any cream or massage oil from staining the work area. Give a foot bath. Allow feet to soak in a tub of warm to hot water for up to ten minutes. Add scented essential oils or foaming gel to the water if preferred. Softly rub the feet after soaking to remove any dirt while helping the person to relax. Towel dry feet when finished. Choose a cream, oil, or lotion to work with. Creams tend to be thicker than lotions and work well for foot massages. Oils work to soften the rough calluses on the bottom of feet. You can purchase creams and oils that are created for the purpose of foot massages at many beauty supply stores. Create your own unique combination of creams and oils to use for the foot massage. Combine scents to your liking; some favorite combinations are lemon and eucalyptus, lavender, or almond and vanilla. Warm the oil or cream. This will make it more comfortable for the person receiving the massage.

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