Learn How to Stealth

This is very disappointing, I saw not ONE Instructable on how to stealth / sneak / or how to remain undetected. I decided to make one of my own and first Instructable on how to remain undetected!

Step 1: Clothing

Clothing is very very important on how well you're sneaking. Colors of clothing MUST match and also have to match the environment (i.e. you're in a white room, wear white clothing). Also make sure your clothing fits perfectly. Any loose clothing that hangs over your pants is fine AS LONG as you TUCK them into your pants and stretch a little bit to make sure you have enough room to move around quietly. Now the pants, Pants that fits perfectly fine around the waist and extra clothing that does NOT go over your shoes is perfect, but make sure its not too tight around the legs and butt while you're moving. Heres the most difficult part on sneaking, SHOES! You must always relay on your shoes while sneaking, but finding the right shoes may be rather difficult. For example GRIP shoes are UNACCEPTABLE, They make too much noise and also cannot move across the floor while sliding/moving. Also the shoes MUST fit, cannot be loose at all costs, always tie them TIGHTLY before sneaking to prevent them from falling off! Now to move on how to sneak.

(Note: Sometimes underwear clothing can have a major effect on your pants while sneaking.)

(Second Note: Loose objects on clothing can be harmful unless it matches with your clothing, does not make the slightest noise, and does not reflect light.)

Step 2: Sneaking

Ah yes, my favorite hobby. Sneaking is very effective to get into places without drawing any attention (if you're good enough!) I will explain a few basics on sneaking.

Beginners - New to sneaking? Well, if you want to be effective I'd recommend starting out as crawling. It is very useful on how to start out, I do this myself to remember how to sneak efficiently, Reasons to why. Crawling brings your close to the floor, listening for creaks and how you are positioned. When sneaking MOVE quietly and lightly! Your hands must be very light to find the creaks on the floor and AVOID them at all costs, your knees simply follow the direction of your hands.

Standards - Ok, so your going to try on your feet, huh? Well like in the beginners note, move lightly and quietly! Make sure you use your TOES to find a creak on the floor, If there is a creak, avoid it. If there is no creaks, Proceed carefully.

Step 3: Stance

Stance is also important on how well you want to sneak. In fast paced type of sneaking you want to have your legs slightly bent but not in a position of standing straight up or crouching. A more efficient way of not being noticed is Crouching, It is often used but make sure you use one of these stances while sneaking.

Note: If you must get up from crouching to a more balanced stance, always move slowly.

Step 4: Sum It All Up

Well I've explained the most important basics to sneaking but sneaking depends on what type of situation you're in. I'll post more ways on how to sneak to avoid the following

-Avoiding Cameras
-Avoiding Guards

Although it does seem rather difficult because they will be listening and watching all the time. So practice on these skills and learn to improvise and stay out of peoples sight.

Good luck everyone and remain in the shadows for best performance.



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    25 Discussions


    Reply 2 years ago

    spread your legs to keep them from brushing together.

    you can use rubber bands or string to tie the pant leg to keep them from being too lose


    7 years ago on Step 4

    probaly my sister she gets scared so easily

    By understanding the linkage between observation and reality, you learn to dance with invisibility. If you're not observed, you are invisible. You only exist if someone notices you. Good job, man.


    9 years ago on Step 4

    Nice Instructable- But Can you answer this? Who is the most interesting thing/person in your family to sneak/ spy on?

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Step 4

    it's probably so he does what i do, get up in the wee hours 12-5am and go get a drink.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    instead of shoes take the thin membrane thing out of a pair of shoes and put them in a pair of socks

    2 replies

    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    although you shouldnt, in my opinion, walk flat footed, just because it makes your footsteps heavier. Instead, walk on your toes!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

     walking flat footed is to decrease the crunching sound on materials such as gravel or broken glass, it is so it doesn't crunch when your ankle rotates


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Here are some other tips that I feel were neglected:
    1) Don't sneak across busy streets, archery ranges, hunting grounds, government installations, live paintball/airsoft games, NRA meetings, mental institutions, banks, or anywhere else that being unseen or partly seen could be problematic for you or anyone else.
    2) Focus on sneaking, not on who you're sneaking past. Know that feeling of being watched? You're not the only one who has it.
    3) Turn off your cell phone.
    That is all. Good 'ible.


    Another thing is if you think someone sees you dont move! a person reacts to movement so if you stay still there most likely going to dismiss it

    1 reply

    Was just about to say that. I've been sneaking around and people stare straight at me and then brush it off because I didn't move a muscle. Also, when they glance away don't move either, as they have a tendency to glance back just as quickly.