Learn How to Tie Your Shoes Fast

Introduction: Learn How to Tie Your Shoes Fast

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It is the world fastest shoelace knot. You quickly make two loops with both ends of the shoelace and pull them tightly through each other. It looks simple when you see someone doing it, but there are up to six steps that you must follow to get it right. Here’s how to tie your shoelaces using the Ian Knot technique;

Step 1:

Insert your laces in their last holes then thread them over each other tightly into a basic knot. This marks the start of the technique. Now hold the right lace on one hand as you hold the left lace with your thumb and pointing finger. You should have two separate loops.

Step 2:

Using the middle finger of the right hand to push the right loop's loose end forwards. At the same time swing the left loop towards the right with your forefinger and left thumb.

Step 3:

The right middle finger should continue to push the loop's loose end all the way into the left loop.

Step 4:

Each hand should now pinch the other loop's loose ends. The middle finger and the right thumb should grab the loose left end while the left thumb and pointing finger should grab the loose right end.

Step 5:

Each hand should release its own loop. Pull the loose end half way through. Take care not to pull it longer than required because you may end up with two long loose bunnies.

Step 6:

Pull the loops tightly to form a knot. This is the final step of tying your shoes, and you just completed the Ian Knot.

Step 7:

Use this technique severally as you learn how to tie your shoes. In a short time, you wouldn’t even be thinking about the steps. It would just occur to you naturally. It is a time-saving and efficient way of tying shoes, you will love it!

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