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The YoYo (or Yo-Yo) is a beloved toy that is fun to play with at almost any age. The YoYo has been around for a long time and will remain around for a long time to come.

Below you will find a lot of helpful information on how to get started learning to YoYo. We will talk about everything from what YoYo to buy, how to maintain YoYos, to where to learn new YoYo Tricks.

Step 1: Buying a YoYo

Buying a YoYo might sounds as simple as that. But it is actually more complex than just going to any store and purchasing any YoYo off the shelf.

There are many different kinds of YoYos, varying in shape, size, and purpose. It is important that you purchase the right YoYo or learning may be frustrating and more difficult than it needs to be.

For beginners, we highly recommend choosing a YoYo from the Peter Fish line of YoYos available exclusively at YoTricks.com. These YoYos are great because they were designed to take a player from being a very beginner to being an advanced player.

The Peter Fish line consists of 3 YoYos: The Originator (recently replaced by the Yomega Brain), the Dominator, and The Luminator. Each one design for a specific purpose.

The Yomega (which replaced the Originator) is designed for the absolute beginner with no experience at all. Most specifically young children. This YoYo is great because it teaches you how to throw and auto-returns relieving a lot of initial from frustration.

The Dominator YoYo was designed for looping and picture tricks. It is one of the best YoYos on the market for these types of tricks. As you progress, the Dominator makes a great YoYo for two-hand YoYo tricks.

The Luminator YoYo was design for beginner to advanced string tricks. One of the best qualities of this YoYo is that it is easily modded to play at all different levels, even some of the most advanced tricks can be done with the Luminator Unresponsive Mod.

To learn more about each YoYo and which you should buy watch the video below.

Step 2: About Peter Fish YoYos

Step 3: Learning the Basics

Once you have your YoYo, you are ready to start learning some tricks. You can learn YoYo Tricks from all sorts of places. The absolute best place to learn is from a friend or at a YoYo Club.

If you don't have access to other YoYo players, the best place to learn online is at YoTricks.com. Below is YouTube Playlist with 8 of the most basic things you need to know about how to YoYo.

You can also learn your first 50 YoYo Tricks at YoTricks.com.

Step 4: Maintaining Your YoYo

As you practice YoYoing you will notice that sometimes your YoYo might not work as good as it used too and this can happen for a number of reasons. This section is all about learning to maintain your YoYo.

There are usually 3 major ways to maintain your YoYo. First, and most important, you need to be sure to change your string often. Strings wear out fast, although some hold up better than others. The video below will explain more about different types of string and what they are good for.

The second way to maintain your YoYo is by lubing or greasing it. Depending on what type of YoYo you have you will need to either lube the YoYo or grease it. Most YoYos now-a-days just require a little bit of lube to keep going. Although there are a few types of lube, almost all beginners YoYos will do just fine using something like Super Lube.

Finally, the last way to maintain a YoYo is to replace its break pads. Most YoYos today use either a break pad or an o-ring response system to get it to come back up. These pads and o-rings wear out from time to time and need to be replaced. Usually it is as simple as pulling out the old ones and sticking in some news ones. You can also replace the break pads with flowable silicone for a longer lasting response system.

On occasion you may also find it is necessary to replace a bearing in your YoYo because it breaks down or gets dirty. Sometimes bearing problems can be solved by simply cleaning the bearing with mineral spirits or lighter fluid.



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