Learn the Alphabet Backwards in 5 MINUTES

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In this instructible I will teach you several ways to learn your alphabet backwards in 5 minutes using several easy memory tricks.

May it be for a bet, to impress your friends, or passing a sobriety test, knowing your alphabet backwards always comes in handy.

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Step 1: Method One

There are only 2 steps in this method of memorizing the alphabet backwards

1) Memorize a story about a Russian Warrior
2) Take the first letter out of the words

These steps sound strange right now but will make perfect sense when you read the next step.

Step 2: The Story

1) Memorize a story about a Russian Warrior
To do the first step you need to remember this story.

ZY was an X-Warrior his wife gave him a coupon. "VUTS(whats) R(are) QPON(coupon) for" he ask? "for MLK(milk) JIHGs(jugs) to FED(feed) the Cute Baby Alligators"
2) Take the correct letters out of the words

I capitalized all letters that you need remember.
( Remember, Zy was a Russian man with an accent, so the words in parenthesis are there to help you understand what they mean.)

The story is to help you remember what comes next if you forget, remembering the story is much easier to remember then to remember the alphabet backwards.

It will take you a few minutes to remember the story, and a couple more to remember the letters in the word you need to remember, and there you go in only 5 minutes you memorized the alphabet backwards.

Step 3: Method 2

This method is a bit harder to learn in my opinion, but it might work for you.

The first three letters: Just say them, Z Y X

The next 4? Just think of the worst two states in the US, West Virginia and Utah.


The next part is easy, just remember this sentence: That's Our Queue, to Pee On MLK

S R Q, P, O N, MLK

Next we dance a, J I H G

Now we're almost there, think Fed-Ex,


And then just say the last three, C B A

Just practice this, and bam, you can say the alphabet backwards, almost without thinking.



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