Learn to Sew: Finding the Grainline on the Fabric




About: Sandra Betzina, the “power” behind Power Sewing, is the author of More Fabric Savvy, Fast Fit, Power Sewing Step-by-Step, Sandra Sews for the Home, No Time To Sew and Fear of Sewing. She has produced a skill...

Sandra Betzina teaches you to recognize the selvage edge and the grainline of a fabric.  Knowing where the grainline is can be the first step in successful pattern placement.

Step 1:

Pay attention to reading what the fabric suggestion is on the back of the pattern.

Step 2:

Know the difference between a knit and a woven: a woven does not have stretch and a knit does.

Step 3:

The selvage edge is the finished edge.

Step 4:

The cut edge is the edge that has been cut in the fabric store.

Step 5:

On wovens, it’s always a good idea to straighten the cut edge by ripping it.

Step 6:

Usually, you will cut out fabric with selvages together.

Step 7:

Find the pattern piece that has the marked the grain line and put it on the fabric.

Step 8:

The grain line must always be parallel to the selvage.

Step 9:

For more information, read Sandra ’s article, "Cutting Out"



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    very nice thnxs u explained it way better than in my books =)