Learn to Sew: Placing the Pattern on Knit Fabric




Introduction: Learn to Sew: Placing the Pattern on Knit Fabric

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Sandra Betzina shows her daughter, Kim, how to determine which pattern pieces will be needed and how to get the pattern pieces properly laid out on the fabric

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Step 1:

Looking at the guide sheet, find the section marked “layout.” Find the layout for the view you are interested in making.  Locate the layout for your fabric width, and circle it.

Step 2:

Move the major pattern pieces onto the fabric.

Step 3:

Consult your suggested layout and see if any of the pattern pieces are placed on the fold. This will be indicated on the pattern piece as well.

Step 4:

Anchor the pattern piece to the fabric.

Step 5:

Consult “layout” for approximate placement of each pattern piece on the fabric. Remember that the grainline on the pattern is parallel to the selvages of the fabric.

Step 6:

For more information, read Sandra ’s article, “Cutting Out”.

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    3 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    does SEL. mean selvage if so i have a pattern with selvage at the top and SEL. on the right and the fold at the bottom. how do i achieve this with a knit fabric.?


    10 years ago on Introduction

    There's so much good content at that link you provided at the end. Why do we have to visit your website to read it? This just seems like an attempt to generate web traffic for yourself, you'd probably get a better response from interested people if you showed off how much you know rather than filling the ible in as sparsely as possible then trying to get them to go to your website for the full article.

    Sandra Betzina
    Sandra Betzina

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks so much for your comment! Great to hear that you found the article useful.

    All of the articles reside at PowerSewing.com because the Learn To Sew Series is also featured on several other sites and it is much easier to have the articles in a central location since some of the sites do not provide a place for written content.

    Happy Holidays!