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Introduction: Learn to Sew: What Size Pattern to Buy

About: Sandra Betzina, the “power” behind Power Sewing, is the author of More Fabric Savvy, Fast Fit, Power Sewing Step-by-Step, Sandra Sews for the Home, No Time To Sew and Fear of Sewing. She has produced a skill...

Sandra Betzina 's daughter, Kim, has chosen her first pattern!

Sandra shows Kim how to measure herself and and how to determine what size pattern to buy. Learn where to look to find your size, what all of those other markings mean and why they are important.




Step 1:

Measure yourself to determine what size pattern you need to buy.

Step 2:

Learn where to look to find your size.

Step 3:

When working on multi-sized patterns, locate the cutting line for your size at the top and bottom of the pattern piece.

Step 4:

Each size has a different cutting line with different spacing on that line.

Step 5:

Once you recognize the line or dot markings for your size, it is easy to identify the same line throughout the pattern.

Step 6:

Don't get confused by the size marked on the dots. These dots indicate seam placement for sewing and are always 5/8 inch inside of the cutting line.

Step 7:

For more detailed advice, read Sandra's article, "Pattern Sizes" at  www.powersewing.com/2009/10/pattern-sizes/



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    I've always been intimidated  with determining my size and making sure I am marking it right on the pattern. I loved the way Kim called one piece a kite and one a napkin. . .been there, thought that!