Learn How to Make a Pop-up Paper Switch!




Introduction: Learn How to Make a Pop-up Paper Switch!

Hi Everyone!

This tutorial will walk you through creating a basic pop-up switch. Use this in your next interactive pop-up book or art piece!

Materials Needed:


-X-acto Knife


-coin cell battery

-Double sided tape


-Copper tape

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Step 1: Cut Out a Rectangle and Snip Off the Corners

- Cut out a rectangle. The size is up to you! You will fold this rectangle in half as a tent, pop-up eventually.

-Draw two vertical lines 1/2 an inch from the left and right edge of the rectangle, and then draw diagonal lines on the corners as seen in the image.

-Cut off these corners following the diagonal lines.

Step 2: Create Two Slits

-Cut two slits about 1/2 an inch long and 1/2 an inch away from the center of the piece.

Step 3: Cut a Rectangular Strip

-Cut out a rectangle strip a bit shorter than the length of the first rectangle.

-Fold the rectangle in half to give the paper more structure.

Step 4: Cut Out Two More Rectangles on Sturdy Paper

-Cut out two rectangles on sturdy paper.

-Fold each rectangle in half.

Step 5: Assemble Pop-up Onto Base

-Slide the small rectangle strip through the slits as seen in the image.

-Fold the two tabs on the left and right edge of the large rectangle, and use double-sided tape to mount the pop-up onto your base.

Step 6: Attach White Rectangles

-Use double sided tape to attach the two white rectangles to both ends of the rectangle in the slits (see image).

Step 7: Attach the LED and Battery!

**To use the LED, the short leg must be connected to the negative side of the battery, and the long leg should be connected to the positive side of the battery.

-Use copper tape to tape the short LED leg onto the inside of one of the white rectangles.

-Slide the coin cell battery in between the positive and negative leg of the LED correctly**, and use tape (hot glue or solder will work as well) to secure the negative side against the negative leg.

-Squeeze the two white pieces together to activate the switch and light up the LED!

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