Learn How to Use Google Sketchup --- Tutorial #1

Introduction: Learn How to Use Google Sketchup --- Tutorial #1

Rich from Workshop Addict was good enough to set us up with a Sketchup 2013 series of tutorial videos for anyone who is interested in learning how to work with Sketchup.    Follow along at your own pace and in no time, you will be creating with ease.  This is the first video in an ongoing series.



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    I really enjoyed this video. No drafting experience other than a night-time basic AutoCad 2D class, long ago. This video touched on some basics I wish I had known the first time I tried Sketchup.

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    Thanks for the comment. If you like this one, be sure to check out the rest of the series we have going on. We've made it where you can learn a little at a time. Right now, we have 8 tutorials completed, but not all of them are on Instructables just yet. I think that I have 5 or 6 of them up.

    Sounds great. Are you using the free version of Sketchup or are using the Pro version for these tutorials?

    During 2013 I tried to learn how to use Google Sketchup, but I had to leave because all explanatory videos are in English with no subtitles. I can quite understand the written English, but don't understand it when I hear.

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    Automatic translation is often laughable, comic. Videos should have subtitles, in the world there are BILLIONS of people as me.

    Sorry rimar2000. You are correct. Subtitles would be great for instructional videos.

    Your suggestion has been heard, but to be honest with you, I neither have the time nor desire to add subtitles. I have very limited spare time to work on this types of stuff and have to pick my priorities. I appologize for not adding subtitles to my videos.

    Thanks for your kind answer. I understand, hope future projects will be thought-out having that into account.

    Hola Sr. Osvaldo, Youtube tiene una función que permite visualizar los subtítulos automáticamente en el vídeo, con el detalle es que son en el mismo idioma (ingles). Como usted dice que domina mejor el inglés escrito, le puede ayudar mucho esta función. No es perfecto, pero estoy seguro que facilitará su comprensión. Saludos


    Gracias Rafael, conozco esa función y la uso con cierta frecuencia, pero a veces traduce cualquier cosa menos lo que dice el videos.

    Valoro mucho tu ayuda.