Learn to Animate Quickly and Easily!

Introduction: Learn to Animate Quickly and Easily!

Most people think about animations and wonder how they are made. No special programs are actully needed for it and can easily be made with the programs on your computer!

However, there are some free programs I find useful.
Check out my animation from Youtube.

I made this with MS paint and Windows Movie Maker. Both of these should be on your computer currently.

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Step 1: 1. Get Some Useful, Free Softwear!

You can go out and buy some crappy program for $100, or you can buy some softwear that does what it needs to do for free online. I made a list of programs I suggest getting your mitts on. Google them, they are usually at the top of the list.

Gimp 2.6 - Free Photoshop-like program.
Audacity- usful for recording and editing sound you may want to add to your animation.
Hypercam- For Screen Recordings
If your computer does not have Windows Movie Maker, you can go to www.microsoft.com and get it for free.

Step 2: 2. Draw Up Your First Frame!

Keeping simple, I'll do a human eye blinking.
I've drawn the first frame of the animation, and it is fairly quick for how long I usually take, so bear with me =S

Step 3: 3. the Next One, and the Next One...

Keep on drawing your frames. Experiment. If you don't get it right, I was 11 when I began animation! I'm 13 now and STILL animating, and I've got 20 subscribers! *coughcough*

I've drawn the next frame, a blinking eye is about 3 frames long, and the first to backwards to open it again.

Step 4: 4. Finishing Up

Most animators keep the lat frame up for a bit longer than the first ones, so this should be better *unless your doing a cycle, and you should be fine there. Draw your last frame. Make sure you know where you've put them! Every new animation project tends to go in its own folder in my pictures. Get ready to see your pictures come to life... literally.

Step 5: 5. Its Alive!

Now you'll need to put it together! This can be done, as I've mentioned before, on Windows Movie Maker. Go to File>Import File>*choose your frames, press Ctrl to select several files*>Ok. They should import into your collections. Select the frames and drag them to the timeline.

Step 6:

Now you need to make the frames short enough to run them together so they seem to make a moving image. This, as I said earlier, is a quick, simple process. Now you drag the clip as short as it will go, as zoomed in you can go. Right click the tiny clip, click video effects, and choose Speed up, Double. Repeat for all these clips. Then play it. IT should be smooth animation! Congratulations!

Step 7: 7. Problems! Contact Me!

If you have any problems, email me at thefinalkillbegins@googlemail.com

I can also be found on Youtube at www.youtube.com/user/thefinalkillbegins

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