Learn to Cook the Trailer Park Way! Trailer Park Cooking Show Ep1 Corn Chip Pie


Introduction: Learn to Cook the Trailer Park Way! Trailer Park Cooking Show Ep1 Corn Chip Pie

Join Comedian Chef Jolene Sugarbaker, The Trailer Park Queen in the Trailer Park Test Kitchen in this 20 minute cooking show.

In each episode, learn budget saving tips and tricks and suprising ingredient substitutions.

Be White Trash With Class, and live the Trailer Park and Redneck Way!

Episode 1
Corn Chip Pie
Find out how to use a 99 cent bag of corn chips to make a hearty entree for your friends and family.

This video is from the website:
Jolene's Trailer Park



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    10 Discussions

    omfg REDNECK the dolar store hahaha a dollar ya cant beat that, kinda looks nasty but id prob eat it, also mabey she should stop waisting her money on 3 gallons of eye liner and makeup, the mexican section of the store that sounds funny, whats she have a 4th grade edumacation LMFAO halius

    1 reply

    It is actually called Frito Pie. It is very popular in Texas and other places in the south west. And yes it is actually good. Sonic Drive-In used to sell a Frito pie wrap.
    Here is a link to how to make it. My wife is from Texas and introduced it to me.
    http://www.texmex.net/Recipes/fritopie.htm best served with a cold Dr. Pepper.

    1 reply

    Don't forget to put a smijen of Crown Royal in that Dr. Pepper. And being from Texas, I have eaten frito pie all my life, lol.

    LOL, she said you can season it with "conyon" pepper.

    oh lol its so friggin retarded anyway

    i wish they had step by step instructions because it sounds good


    11 years ago

    This is definitely going into my Redneck collection along with 'This Ol Trailer'. Laugh, I needed a change of underwear :))