Learn to Dance

in this instructable i will teach a few basic steps to hopefully get you started on dancing. then, i will throw them all together for one dance.


Step 1: Pull Slide

the pull slide is a type of sliding but with the use of your hands. to do this stretch your arm out to the opposite side ( right arm to left side, left arm to right side), then make a fist, and finally pull your body over there while sliding across the floor. in the final dance you will do this four times switching off hands.

Step 2: Hand Pointing

this move which is kind of a 80's retro move is very simple. point your hand up to the sky on an angle and bring it down to the opposing side. do this twice on both hands.

Step 3: Forward Walk

in this step you haveto keep your hands at waist level and walk forward but walk with a hop in your step. (you will see what i mean by looking at the video)

Step 4: Clap Slide

this step is a slide with a variation. you basically slide across the floor. when your legs come together you clap and then continue sliding to the other side.

Step 5: Video

this is the final combined dance shown in a video.

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