Learning to Make (confidence, Knowledge)

Step 1: Where to Start?

Start with a problem

Step 2: Problem Identified!

House drains are blrurbling and coughing up yuckky stuff!

Step 3: Old Metal Pipe Needs to Go!

I didn't take pictures of the dramatic battle sequence, but you can imagine it... A long, long time ago... The only original pipes in the house was my main stack and about 5 ft of low sloped drain pipe that had all food and gunkky discharge...that sounds pretty bad... But like a washer, kitchen sink, and dish washer. 30+ years old. Oh and hard water too!

Step 4: Procedure

I had to cut out the original horizontal pipe at 2 places, measure, cut and assemble PVC parts, then replace gunk pipe Mcnasty.
take your time and measure a thousand times, then you just do it; if you have to, cut it larger then it needs to be, you can always can take a little off as needed.

Step 5: I Did What I Had to Do!

I did it!!! And the best part is... I know that I can do more!!! I thought of the time before I tried and wish I just looked at a annoying problem with the conference and knowledge that you can do it.
P.S. Get input from a knowledgeable acquaintance, friend or family member that you would trust your life and well being with before you attempt to do anything that I write about. You may need much more assistance then I would be able to promise.
P.P.S. You can do it!!!!!



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