Learning How to Craft and Publish an Instructable at the San Jose TechShop

I had heard that TechShop has joined forces with Instructables and was offering free classes to folks that published an instructable of something that they made at TechShop and linking it to TechShop. I thought, "I can do that", but wasn't sure exactly how to take the first step. I am compiling the steps as I watch a live uStream of a workshop on how exactly to do what I felt some trepidation attempting on my own. 

Step 1: Search Instructables for Instructables on How to Write an Instructable

Step 2: Is It Acceptable to Write an Instructable That Just Links to Other Instructables

Step 3: I Started This Instructable on a Lark, and I Am Going to Bed Now.

But just to put some icing on the cake, I figured I would add one more image, my incentive for starting this current Instructable.

Much thanks to all the staff at TechShop San Jose for putting up with my quirky sense of humor. I'll see you this weekend.



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