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Part 1: Hello World

Hello everyone, this is the first Arduino tutorial on how to program without writing any line of code, using Ardublock, which is an extension of the Arduino IDE for visual programming. Ardublock is based on a series of blocks, which will grouping, like a puzzle.

With this it accomplished strengthen programming logic rather than memorization language syntax, avoiding the initial frustration every rookie like to receive the error message compiler for something as simple as a missing comma. Although the graphical languages are used to initiate children into programming, it can be very useful for teenagers and adults, who have no knowledge or programming experience.

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Step 1: Make the Circuit

This is an illustration of how the completed circuit should look. Components like resistors need to have their legs bent into 90° angles in order to correctly fit the breadboard sockets.

But enough technical stuff for today, we will install Ardublock to develop our first Arduino program without writing any line of code.

Step 2: Download an Install Arduino IDE and Ardublock.

1.- Download the latest version of Arduino IDE from here:

You can select between Windows, Linux and MacOS X. Download and Install Ardublock.

2.- Create the following folders: C: \ Users \ YourUser \ Documents \ arduino-1.6.8 \ tools \ ArduBlockTool \ tool Note.- The name (ArduBlockTool) is case sensitive.

3.- Download the latest version of Ardublock from here:


Copy or Move this file:



C: \ Users \ YourUser \ Documents \ arduino-1.6.8 \ tools \ ArduBlockTool \ tool

Step 3: Start Arduino IDE an Ardublock.

1.- Start Arduino IDE.

2.- Select the Board and Serial Port – Just as you would if you were using Arduino, make your board and serial port selections from the “Tools” menu.

3.- Open ArduBlock by clicking Tools > ArduBlock. If you don’t see an entry for ArduBlock here, double-check to make sure your directories are all correctly typed and cased.

Ardubloc will open in a second window, as shown in the figure.

Caution Ardublock depends of Arduino IDE, do not close it.

Step 4: Create Your First Program

Now you will create the classic Hello World, on Arduino will blink an LED.
1.- Click the category Control And drag the block Program.

2.- Click the category Pins And drag the block set digital pin #.

3.- Set the digital pin to 13.

4.- Click the category Control And drag the block delay MILLIS milliseconds, under the block set digital pin #, until they join.

Okay, until now, we have worked hard, so we do life easier, using tricks
5.- Ardublock, right-click on the block set digital pin #, then select clone, now change the value from HIGH to LOW, make click on the right corner then select LOW.

6.- And drag the new block, under the original block, until they join.

7.- Put together inside the loop option, in program block.

8.- Connect the RedBoard/Arduino/Genuino to PC.
9.-Next, go to the Tools menu, hover over Serial Port and select the serial port number that matches your RedBoard(Arduino/Genuino).

10.- Then click Upload to Arduino to send your drawing off to your RedBoard (Arduino/Genuino).

You just create your first Arduino program without writing any line of code. We have finished for the day, very soon I will go up more projects with Ardublock and Redboard (Arduino). I appreciate very much your comments in order to improve my projects for the benefit of the whole community.

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