Least Cost Tablet Cover in Less Than 100 Seconds



  • protection for your tablet for almost free in 100 seconds
  • use organic leather instead of toxic plastic
  • the leather caresses the skin and sucks the sweat during use


Step 1: Draw the Outline

put your tablet with the display on a beautiful piece leather and draw the outline on the leather

Step 2: Cut the Leather

cut the leather on the contour

Step 3: The Hinge

a strip adhesive tape about 1cm wide at the proposed inside of the leather

Step 4: Adjustment

cut the excess tape at 1cm

Step 5: Tape to Tape

  • turn the leather and put a strip of tape on the exposed tape
  • cut the tape with round corners to avoid cracks

Step 6: Fit Together

  • now put the leather on a table and lay the tablet with the display exactly at the outline
  • tape firmly on the back of the tablet

Step 7: Finish

everythings done!



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