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I'm very proud because I used only recycled materials for this bag.It took some time for me to find right coat in sh but it's important because you must like the texture and color of your future bag ;-)If you have the possibility try to use recycled materials as well because productions of many materials take liters of water and destroy our enviorment. If you will take care well of your leather bag , you'll be able to give it in future to your granddaughter !. Well cared leather with time starts to look better and better.

Step 1: Materials for the Bag I Got From:

old leather coat from sh

my old denim jeans

Step 2: How to Make Pattern ?

Cut the old coat in stitches and from received pieces cut needed elements like in photo

next from jeans cut 2 pieces of bag lining

remember to use jeans needle for sewing with denim

Step 3: How to Sew a Slip Pocket to Your Bag?

check dimensions and cut square

sew, like in photo nr. 2

now sew slip pocket to bag lining

divide slip pocket as you like and need

remember to use jeans needle for sewing with denim

Step 4: How to Sew a Bag?

sew parts of the future bag

cut corners in bag and bag lining and sew them (photo)

Step 5: How to Sew Handles ?

useful tip

use school glue before sewing

sew handles to the bag

Step 6: Useful Tips for Sewing With Leather

those tips helps a lot :-)

Step 7: How to Sew Lining Bag to the Bag?

put lining bag on bag (right sides on each other ) and sew, next turn over the bag on right side through a little gap left during sewing

sew gap and upper part of the bag

Step 8: How to Finish?

now add pretty button ;-)

Step 9: How It Looks After?

Voila ! leather bag is ready

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Tandy Leather Contest 2016



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    2 years ago

    wonderful project,love the idea of recycled material,

    Glad that I found your site

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    I love this so much!!! What an excellent way to recycle a precious, (and expensive) resource. I am going to make this! I'm not sure if I have all the steps down pat though. If I have questions may I ask you? Together, with your help, I may just have myself a nice new bag :>}

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    thank you ! that's great you like recycling as well :-D

    I make bags and fanny packs mostly from recycled matherials and I love it !

    sure , I will be very happy to answer your questions &(^-^)&


    2 years ago

    Beautiful job! You've inspired me! Thank you! Voting for you!

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Nice instructable! Cool bag! Love the recycled aspect.Thanks

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    Love that you used recycled material! It's really inspired me to do the same.

    1 reply