Leather Bracelet Tutorial With a Little Twist




Introduction: Leather Bracelet Tutorial With a Little Twist

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Do you like leather bracelets as much as I do?

I love them. You might have guessed that if you have seen this picture of me.

The more around my wrists the better...

There is just on little part I don't like too much and that is the closure. I haven't found or made one I really liked so far. And bracelets like to turn around and around - so - you have to like the closure too, because you will see it at times...

Even a sliding knot leaves me indecisive because of those dangling endings on both sides.

I like a simple knot best - I actually knot them secure right around my wrist and don't take them off at all for periods of time. They shower and bath with me, take ocean dips and do a lot household chores and they look better and better while they age...

(See my blog post about this tutorial at http://www.lebenslustiger.com/ )

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Step 1: Leather Bracelet Tutorial - Step 1

But not everyone likes it that way. Here is a little trick to avoid a closure but still be able to easily slide a leather bracelet of your hand: Add a little piece of elastic to your design.

Here is what you need and I got all these supplies at my local craftstore:

1.5mm leather string, elastic floss for beading, a big eye needle, 1-2 jump rings (best if you can get close ones), some beads you like, pliers, some not too small crimping beads and a kind of middle piece (optional!).

If you are going to use a sort of charm (the above floral pieces I'm going to use in these pictures are originally intended for those interchangeable ring systems, but i liked the design) start by threading your elastic thru that piece. If you don't use one, use a jump ring instead.

Step 2: Leather Bracelet Tutorial - Step 2

Then string a crimping bead on your doubled elastic. Add the beads and close with another crimping bead. Add a jump ring and go back thru the crimping bead. That might be a bit tight and difficult but it will work. Pull gently. Crimp the two beads on both ends making sure to not pull the elastic too much because you want to be able to easily stretch it over your hand. Cut the left over elastic.

Step 3: Leather Bracelet Tutorial - Step 3

Then add your leather string and tie with a simple knot. Please ask, if you have any questions or if there is anything unclear in my description.

For the second bracelet I simply used the crimping beads for stringing because they always come in quite large quantities...

Step 4: Leather Bracelet Tutorial - Step 4

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    Beautiful - thank you so much for the tutorial!


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    Very Pretty!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!