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Introduction: Leather Cell Phone Case

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This is my FIRST EVER leather good. So from scratch i am quite proud of it. In this video I make a leather case/pouch for my cell phone! I get some help from local leather maker Ryan from Rustbelt Mercantile (Instagram.com/Rustbeltmerc).

Ryan made a list of the best tools for beginners to get started. Check it out!
Beginners Tool List

  • Stitching Hole Spring Leather Punch
  • Craftool Spacer Set
  • Lacing-Stitching Pony
  • Wing Divider
  • Craftool Scratch Awl
  • Poundo Boards
  • Craftool Edge Bevelers
  • Harness Needles 10/pk #4
  • Economy Rotary Leather Punch
  • Drill Burnisher
  • Multi-Size Wood Slicker
  • Waxed polycord
  • Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth
  • Beeswax Block 1 oz
  • Tandy Pure Neatsfoot Oil
  • Obenauf's LP Boot Preservative 8 oz
  • Tanners Bond Contact Cement
  • Step 1: Choose Your Hide and Cut Out Shape

    Pick your section of hide. Layout your selected area with a straight edge and cut your section using a brand new razor blade.

    Step 2: Cut Holes and Curves

    Center and punch the hole for the bottom of the case. Layout template for the curve on the top of the case, and cut with a sharp knife. Bevel the edge with your edge beveler.

    Step 3: Seal and Burnish Flap Edge

    Apply Eco-Flo Gum Tragacanth to edge of bevelled curve. Burnish on the drill press.

    Step 4: Taper Corners and Cut Holes for Stitching

    Use corner tool to taper base of the case. Then mark lines for the thread holes. Pre mark, and stamp the holes for the belt loop on both the front and loop flap. Then saddle stitch together

    Step 5: Repeat on the Sides

    Repeat process for edge stitching. Mark holes, punch, and saddle stitch sides together.

    Step 6: Sand Flush , Burnish , and FINISH!

    Use the sander to flush edges. Add bee's wax and burnish. You're done!

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    You seem to just jump into this without any layout or pattern.