Leather Chainsaw Cover




A customized protective leather chainsaw sheath

Step 1: Tools and Material

I used poster board for the pattern a tape measure, a sharpie, kitchen scissors, leather scissors, ball point stylus, swivel knife, edge beveler, a fine/ small round spoon pro modeling tool, 6-seed border tool, basket stamp, smooth bevel tool, seeder tool, alphabet stamp set, granite slab, poly maul, Eco flo black dye, neatsfoot oil, cement glue, tracing paper, a way to sew it, and leather from a oak single shoulder

Step 2: Pattern

Trace main pattern onto leather and cut out the two pieces with leather scissors. Draw the pattern/ images you want on tracing paper to transfer to the leather

Step 3: Tool and Sew

Dampen the leather and trace patterns onto it. With that done cut with swivel knife along the trace lines, then use the bevel tool and other tools to texture, border and stamp. Now cement glue the two stamped sides together and sew.

Step 4: Finishing the Sheath

Now that it's sewn I had to stretch the leather a little to fit over the chainsaw. To do this I got the leather wet and put a board, the same size as the saw, in it and let it dry. When it was dry I then dyed it with the black dye and a paint brush. Then put on the neatsfoot oil with a cotton ball. Now it's ready to be put on the chainsaw



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    2 Discussions

    Max Maker

    2 years ago

    Thats quite badass! I love it!


    This looks great. You should definitely enter it into the Tandy Leather contest that is currently running.