Leather Coaster





Introduction: Leather Coaster

This instructable tells you how to make a leather coaster with a picture burned into it with a soldering iron.

Step 1: Materials

- leather
- soldering iron or wood burner (either one works fine a wood burner is usually better though because it usually has removable tips that come in many different shapes and sizes)
- computer and printer to find and print a picture (unless you would like to draw by sight)
- scissors
- marker
- a safe surface to work on so you don't burn your mothers wooden dinner table or any other important surface ( a disposable aluminum pie pan works great)
- tape
- something sharp: a needle, bulletin board pin, safety pin

Step 2: Preparation Before Burning

- Find a picture on the internet that is circular shaped. It helps to get a line drawn picture, so if you do a google advanced image search and choose line drawing it will make it easier for you to find simple pictures to trace.
- Print the picture at the size that you would like your coaster to be.
- Cut out the picture.
- Lay the picture on a piece of your leather and trace it onto the leather with a marker. Make sure you trace it onto the backside of the leather so there are no marks on the front.
- Cut out the circle from the leather.
- Tape the picture to the front side of the leather.
- Trace the picture onto the leather by poking through the paper on the lines of the picture.
- Untape the picture from the leather and you will see a bunch of little dots on the leather.

Step 3: Burning

- Use a scrap piece of leather to tell when the soldering iron is hot enough to get the line value that you want.
- Pretty much you just simply trace the dots on the leather. Use the the paper as a reference if the lines get a little confusing.
- I only traced the larger main lines and drew in the smaller ones later to keep from having to much of a jumble of dots.
- I also added a border to the outside and colored in the stem of the flower.



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    10 Discussions

    Any suggestions for stiffening and surface protection of the leather?

    Do yuo think it will work with faux leather?
    My project would be personalizing faux leather headphone

    Thanks! That's exactly what I have done with a few in the past. They are great presents. I have also made key fob bracelet things for my brother and sister with their names on them as Christmas gifts.

    hello..excellent instructable. But can you do this same method on vinyl?

    1 reply

    I'm not sure. I have never worked with vinyl before. If you try though, let me know how it works out.

    Looks great! A bit of advice for you. If you want to make perfect circles, go to a scrapbook store, or craft store that sells scrapbook supplies, and get a paper circle cutter, they work great for leather!

    1 reply

    It's a little time consuming, but it seems to work fine. You can also do things free hand, I'm still working on becoming better at drawing though, haha.