Leather Coloring Pencil Case




Introduction: Leather Coloring Pencil Case

About: My Name Is Malik Al-Sharif ,I live in Jordan/Amman.

You want to make A pencil case, Don't have enough money, No problem, I well teach you how to make it

Step 1: What You Need ?

You need this tools :

1- Scissor

2- Ruler

3- Marker

4- Rubber

5-Coloring pencil


Step 2: Draw

First, You need to draw a line into the leather piece using the cover of the coloring pencil box, Now you have copy of the cover

You can use the marker or a pencil

Step 3: Amendment Measurements

Now You want a case larger than the box

You want to use the marker or pencil to amendment measurements, Get 2 CM length And 6 CM width

Step 4: Cut It

Now cut the piece, And make another one to make a cover of the case

Use Step 2 But now you no need use to cover of coloring pencil box, You need to use the leather piece that you cut it and draw a line using the edge of piece

Step 5: Divide the Piece to the Number of Colors

I have Derwent Artist 36 box, That mean I have 36 pencil

Divide the leather piece to 36 column use the ruler and marker or pencil

You have a piece like picture 2

Step 6: Divide the Piece to Put Rubber

I use the rubber to hold the pencils, draw another lines in the leather piece cross the piece

Step 7: Making a Hole

make a hole the insert the rubber into it, make a hole in the lines you draw in previous step, Use scissor to make it, Be carefully don't make the hole big

Step 8: Insert the Rubber

Insert the rubber into the leather piece, use the ZigZag style

Step 9: The Style

You have this style (In the picture), You have 2 sides to put the pencils into it

Step 10: Insret Pencil Encoding

As I said before I use Derwent artist, This type of pencils use coding, Each pencil has a special coding, Use the marker to write the coding of the pencil

Step 11: Done !

Use the second piece of leather to maker a cover of the case and some rubber to get a style

Done !

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice pencil holder. Do the pencils usually stay in place or do they ever fall out?

    Malik Al-Sharif
    Malik Al-Sharif

    Reply 4 years ago

    No its stay, but you should pull the rubber strongly