Leather Eye Glass Case, Box, Sunglass Case, Box

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I like leather and wish had better skills and tools to work it. This instructable shows my attempt at making a nice case for my reading glasses but it can also be used for sunglasses.

I bought a piece of leather from Hobby Lobby and have been looking for small projects.

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Step 1: Measure Your Hide

Step 1 Find a piece of leather big enough for you glasses. for reading glasses I used 5.5 in X 5 in

Step 2: Fold It

Step 2

Fold the leather in half and clamp, determine the size of your stiches

Step 3: A Stitch in Time

Step 3
In my case, I drilled the small holes first (0.5 in. Apart), used regular sewing thread and used the saddle stitch.

Before stitching, I decided to add a "longhorn concho", so I drilled a hole in the center of the front of the case. I like to show off my allegiance to Fort Worth, Texas

Enjoy your beautiful custom made leather case.

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