Leather EyeGlass Case



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Eyeglass case! Eyeglass case!, Make your very own Eyeglass case.

Good for your eye!...Glasses!

can hold up to 2 glasses!... Eyeglasses!.

Step 1: Materials!

Materials needed!.

Leather (optional: leatherette)

Sewing kit.

Step 2: Sewing!

Now sew it like this!.

follow the pattern like shown, black is the fold line, and red is the cut line.

follow everything like shown.

Step 3: Scrap Leather for the Sew.

Now with the cut part of the pattern,

use it like the pattern shown in the first picture, to make the lock of the glass case.

now sew it in place and now you have a lock for the eyeglass.

Step 4: Eye Glass Case for the Eyeglasses.

Now you're done with your very own Eyeglass case.

protector of Eyeglasses since 1942.

Thank you!



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