Leather Fidget Spinner



Introduction: Leather Fidget Spinner

Simple fidget spinner from leather, no special tools needed.

Step 1: Template Making

Step 2: Cutting Out

Trace and make sure to mark center points before cutting.

Step 3: Gluing

Tape face of the skin to protect it from glue, then put thick layer of glue and clamp it (make sure it don't slip)

Step 4: Clean Edges

Step 5: Cut Out Middle Hole

Using previously marked center point place your bearing in exact center and draw outline, then cut it.

Step 6: Chamfer Edges

Step 7: Bearing Insert Part

Draw inner circle of bearing on leather and cut it out, you need 2 of these, then glue them together and clamp between 2 pieces of scrap leather.

Step 8: Making Holes for Nuts

Draw outline of the nut on each side, cut it out and test fit the nuts.

Step 9: Dye and Varnish

Dye it and let it dry then give it one coat of varnish.

Step 10: Bearing Insert Finishing

Sand the sides then glue it inside bearing.Cut out couple of slightly bigger circles and glue them as shown on picture.

Step 11: Dye and Varnish

Step 12: Assembling

Insert everything on its place and have fun:D (gluing is not necessary if it have snug fit)

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