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Introduction: Leather FitBit One Holder

I lost my first FitBit One, the first week I had it, clipped to my belt. The company kindly replaced it at no charge (wow, right?) but after that, I took an old device leash and looped it through a belt loop to secure the device in a pocket or wherever.

My silicon holder has a tear in it, and I thought the price for replacements was a bit crazy, so decided to make one.

Anyone who has leatherworking tools and skills would likely be able to improve on this a lot, but I am pretty happy with the result.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Every time I ruin a pair of good leather gloves, I cut out the usable leather before getting rid of them. So I had a pile of possible leather to work with.

You'll need some pretty strong thread (like quilting thread) or crochet threat, or something similar.

I used a sewing chalk marker to make holes in the leather for sewing. Any sharp pointy thing would work.

And you will need some pretty strong needles. I had these from another project, and the smallest one worked well. A straight needle would also work. I think there are specialty leather needles, which would undoubtedly be superior, but I didn't have them.

Punching the holes is definitely the biggest challenge.

I did most of the work on a cutting mat. And used sewing scissors to cut the leather. Also a bit of parchment paper to make a pattern.

And you will need some kind of clip, carabiner, or keyring to make an attachable end. I had this clip in my supplies from another project, but there are likely a number of options for finishing the end.

Step 2: Configuring the Design

By simply tracing around the fitbit with a pencil, I had an approximation of the size. I just eyeballed the middle part in the paper, and cut out a middle. The leather stretches, so don't make it bigger than it needs to be.

I made the leather pieces about 3/8 inch wider than the paper pattern. It's designed to have the slightly narrower end go in first.

I tried a couple of ideas, then settled on this. One short piece at the back. One longer piece at the front with the window.

I trimmed both pieces to be the same dimensions, rounding the corners a bit. Not very precise in this age of 3D printing, but it worked fine.

Step 3: Sewing the Pieces Together

To keep the pieces from shifting, I made three holes that I tied off a short piece of my thread.

The I started making more holes using the needle of the chalk marker.

Problem - the holes either close up or are impossible to see, so in the end, I would punch about 4 or 5, then sew, then punch some more.

I tied off the ends with a simple knot, nothing fancy.

When I was finished the sewing, I had a fitbit sized envelope with a longer leather piece. After checking the fit, I proceeded to mount the attachment hardware. (I can't for the life of me remember the proper name for those clips at the moment, but they are on backpacks and briefcases and luggage often, and you can get them at hardware stores.)

Step 4: Finishing It Off

Sorry I didn't capture any images of the final steps. :-(

Basically, I folded the sides of the longer piece in to make a neat edge. Then threaded it through the eye of the hardware. Then glued down the folded end to the inside of the leather envelope.

Let the glue dry, and try your fitbit out in its new home.

I took it out for a walk right away, and so far, works great. Secure to a belt loop, I don't think it would pop out unless you were jogging / running. If that is your intention, you might need a more secure end on the opening, like a snap or velcro.

I look forward to seeing some nice versions of this made by the leatherworkers out there.

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4 years ago

very nice and creative, why didn't you get the "wrist type" Fitbit?


Reply 4 years ago

Thank you. I got this before the wrist-style ones came out. You can get silicone wrist holders for these online now, but not sure I want to wear on my wrist all the time. Fashionista and whatnot, right? Although I see lots of people wearing them now.